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Wealth Management Process

Our Process Addresses Your Unique Situation to fit what’s Best for You.

Let's face it, the traditional Wall Street model of selling proprietary products and cookie-cutter solutions does not work. It’s akin to a Swiss Army Knife where the tools work, but not very well. Those little scissors are cute, but I wouldn’t want to rely on them for serious work. Likewise you shouldn’t rely upon cookie-cutter financial products for something as serious as managing wealth.

At Non-Traditional Wealth Management, the focus is on your needs, first and foremost. As an independent firm, we have a fiduciary duty (legal obligation) to act in your best interest.

Through the collaborative process you get answers to your questions and an organized approach to your financial and wealth management goals.

Our independent, disciplined Wealth Management System helps you answer important questions such as:

  • How can I feel confident with my financial and wealth management plans?
  • When can I retire, or achieve financial independence so that I can enjoy the life that I envision for myself?
  • How can I grow my retirement assets with today's economic uncertainty and volatile markets?
  • What wealth management, tax saving, and estate planning strategies do I really need to accomplish my goals?
  • How can I preserve AND grow my retirement portfolio while still creating the income needed during retirement?

In short, we help you avoid and manage risks, save on taxes, invest according to your goals, and protect your wealth for future generations.

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