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Investing Philosophy

Our process helps investors gain predictability while investing FOR retirement, and helps to create Income while investing DURING Retirement through a disciplined investment system.

"Study after study shows that investing on emotion can be hazardous to your wealth. For example, research firm Dalbar & Associates, found that investors on their own underperformed the market over a 20 year period by 5.81% per year! This gap in market performance versus investor performance has been dubbed the Behavior Gap. Investors are often left to making decisions driven by emotions so they wind up buying high, and selling low. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to see how this could have devastating effects.

What is an investor to do? We believe that the ANTIDOTE to making unsound, imprudent decisions based upon emotions is in utilizing a SYSTEMATIC process to help override emotions, and stick to a prudent, investment plan." - Dennis Gagnon

If you’re like others you may be asking yourself the following questions:

What can I do to help manage my wealth for the long term to reach my goals? How can I preserve and grow capital while avoiding downside risk?

When can I retire? Are my assets sufficient to fund my desired lifestyle when I no longer want to, or are unable to work?

We have developed what we feel is a unique investment system to answer these questions for our clients.

Predictable Growth for Those Saving and Investing for Retirement

Key benefits of our process include helping you to:

  • Create a custom investment portfolio based upon your goals.
  • Capture a market rate of return while remaining disciplined with a prudent investment process.
  • Avoid falling victim to the aforementioned behavior gap causing you to fail in achieving your desired vision of whatever retirement happens to mean to you.

Wealth Preservation and Income to Fund Your Lifestyle in Retirement

For those in retirement, we structure your portfolio to provide the income you need, while at the same time providing for long term growth to outpace inflation. Most people intuitively understand that they want this, but do not understand that investing for income and investing for growth are two diametrically opposing goals. That said, we have created a system that helps to achieve both.

Our system will help you transition into retirement, balance your growth and income needs, and help you invest well into your later years.

Key benefits of this strategy include helping you to:

  • Transition into retirement while creating a custom portfolio that matches your goals.
  • Create a systematic process to take income while remaining disciplined with a prudent investment process.
  • Avoid big market downturns and falling victim to the aforementioned behavior gap causing your to settle for less than the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family.

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